Our Mission

To teach the orginal way of being by helpling you raise your consciousness & open your heart through personal discovery, the power of forgiveness, and the art of letting go.

Beautiful Souls (BS) Mission is a Spiritual Center for Creativity and Wholeness.

We are a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit, tax exempt, Faith Based Organization.

We believe in oneness with all that is. Sometimes know as the Tao, I AM Consciousnes, or Chirst Consciousnes. We use a little bit of this and a little bit of that for the highest good of all.

We stand in the truth of love, compassion and understanding. We see the truth in who you are... we see the divinity within you and some  of the bad and the ugly ...lol Nothing we can't work on intergrating.   

We empower people to reconnect with their essence by assisting them in uncovering deep hidden blocks that are stuck in their emotional and mental bodies. Most people are not even aware of the baggage they are carrying.

You are not your mistakes. You are not the lower energy that you are carrying. You are divine. You are love. You are pure goodness waiting to be expressed and explored.

We believe that true healing can not be forced. It takes time to allow the unfolding of God's Masterpiece.


Let's face it we've all been hurt at some point in our lives. However what many people don't know is that unless we have truly forgiven that person and ourselves you may still be energetically teathered to the person or experience. The root cause of most issues started in an entirely different lifetime. Even Galactic. This process doesn't have to be hard but it may involve some tears which waters seeds of the soul.

Release imbalances emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically wounds

Using the Divine Rays of God/Source/Love, together we will facilitate healing by releasing the fields that you are trapped in. Along with releasing deep rooted trapped emotions that are stored in your cellular memory. Please do not feel overwhelmed by the list of options available below. Your soul and body knows what you need at the time of healing.

  • Receive messages from loved ones and guidance from the divine.
  • Sometimes God/Source/Love likes to help people change the trajectory of someones path for the greater good (this is not something you ask for, it is what is presented during our experience together
  • Release limited beliefs
  • Release detrimental implants, deactivate old outdated codes to update your opperating system...etc
  • Release trapped emotions
  • Identify your patterns and family patterns
  • Understanding how you are triggered and what to do about it
  • Tap into your inner child
  • Relief from symptoms of PTSD
  • Understanding Karma and how to stop creating it.
  • Dive deep into forgiving yourself and the other person
  • Release detrimental energy & thought forms
  • Removal of negative attachments and cords
  • Balance Chakras
  • Release imbalances from addictions, fears and phobias
  • And much more
  • Benefits:

  • Feeling lighter and calmer in their body
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • More Harmonous Relationships
  • More energy
  • A great sense of clarity and understanding
  • You become more self aware of the thoughts you think and the energy you are putting out.
  • The ability monitor and release your emotions
  • Increased confidence, self-accountability, self-awareness, and self-empowerment

  • We are a Spirit Led Spiritual Center

    God/Source is the most loving source of light and energy that is almost hard to put into words because its something you feel or know deep within your heart.

  • 1. This process is about you and your connection to your orginal spirit. Our teaching are designed to allow you to intergrate your shadow self to bring balance to your complete being emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritaul and finanacially.
  • 2. Are you ready to be really honest with yourself? Spirit is going to help you understand yourself on a deeper level. And show you all the ways you are not coming from your heart.
  • 3. Discipline is a MUST on this journey.
  • 4. Spirit will be helping you so know you're not alone. How do you know it's your spirit guides, god, higher self? Because the energy feels loving, compassionate and understanding. The thoughts are benevolent.
  • 5. The joy of this is that you are not in competition with anyone but yourself. So go at your own pace.
  • 6. Remember you are choosing to reconnect with the essence of who you are.

  • You are Sacred

    Exploration of self and others. With so much going on in the external world it is easy for people to loose their connection to something that is deeply sacred. Sometimes learning new ways of being can bring back what you thought was lost.

    Sometimes we get caught up in the external that we don't even realize what is going on, on the internal and we take out our frustrations and bitterness on the people we love most.

    We are taught to give everything we have to everyone else which can leave us depleted, frustrated or bitter. The truth is a lot of us were taught some healthy ways of being and some unhealthy ways of being. This is designed to teach you how love yourself and others on a much deeper level. Exploring all areas of your life so you can be the love you wish to receive.

    The ego is like an entitled child who wants it what it wants, when it wants it. The soul is like a wise oak tree who understand the importance of growth and has the patience and wisdom to nurture it wisely. - NLP


    "Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." Confucius 450 B.C

    How May We Be of Assistance to You?

    Nicole works with God and her guides to facilitate experiences for individuals, small and large groups. She uses gifts and talents to guide people gracefully through the muddy waters and into clarity.

    Spiritual Medium & Facilitator of Healing

    Nicole uses her clairaudiant abilities to deliver messages from the divine which brings great clarity and understanding to what needs to be healed and the next steps that you may need to take.

    Experiences can include: Soul to soul meditation, quantum shifts, spiritual coaching, chakra balancing, removal of obstacles, reiki, guidance from the higher realms, releasing of trapped emotions, akashic records, multi dimensional transformation, visual acuity, detangling from family and past life entanglements , removal of karma, blessing of property, and more


  • One 30 Minute Experience. Done remotely.

  • Gold

  • One 60 Minute Experience. Can be done remotely or in person.
  • One 90 Minute Experience. Includes understanding your human design. Can be done remotely or in person.

  • Couples issues 90 minute session.


  • Small or Large Group Experience (Family, Friends, Business)
  • Can be customized to fit all your needs

  • NEW Life Training

    Coming Soon.

    Self Empowerment

    Here to help you take back your power and realign with the truth of who you are. When you raise your awareness you see your inner and outer world with new eyes.

    God/Source is inside your heart.

    Life was never suppose to be this complicated.
    Let's Keep it Simple.

    Be In the Know

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    The soul knows what you need anything from clearing upcoming obstacles to stuck energy that is trapped emotionally, mentally, pshycially, or sprirtually. Allow the light from the soul to activate different levels of your divine presence.


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    Thank you for your Donations

    All donations and other gifts are deeply appreciated. Every act of kindness small or big does not go unnoticed. Thank you for your support.

    For my birthday this year your donations are greatly appreciated to go towards a Spiritual Center for Beautiful Souls Missions.


      Give yourself permission to walk through new doors. Move in alignment with what empowers your soul and aligns you with your spirit. That does not mean it will be easy but it does mean you will walk away with the tools to use in everyday life that will allow you to create a foundation that is solid and stable. Discover Inner Balance

    Looking for a Spiritual Leader to speak at your Spiritual Center or Organization?

    Nicole travels all over to speak on the importance of the power of love and forgiveness. She shares her personal journey of how she found God within her. She is an advocate of bringing life into balance. Your real power lies within you waiting to be discovered and explored.    

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    Self Realization & Leadership Training

    Teaching the orginal way of being by helpling people raise their consciousness & open their heart through personal discovery, the power of forgiveness, and the art of letting go.

  • This is a commitment to yourself and God
  • The ability to monitor and release your emotions
  • Improve your focus and clarity
  • Increased confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-empowerment
  • Become more accepting of yourself and others
  • Become more accountable for your actions, behaviors and choices.
  • Embrace the sacredness of life
  • Unlock your inner alchemy and discover hidden possibilites
  • For Select Individuals

  • Better Together
    Woman's Retreat

    Coming Soon

  • Honor your divine feminine by healing deeply repressed wounds
  • Release womb imprints
  • Heal layers of your inner child
  • Gain clarity on your nexts steps in life
  • Understanding and Intergrating your Shadow
  • Identify and collapses individual patterns and family patterns and timelines
  • Generational healing
  • And much more.

  • Woman's Retreat - Heal Your Deepest Wound

    June 29th - July 2nd, 2023
    Details Coming

    Spiritual Coach | Personal Development

    A good spiritual coach has spiritual integrity, healthy morals, healthy core values and ethics.

    A Soul Coach takes you into the depths of your soul to discover the truth about yourself and your life. A Soul Coach helps you clear away the entangled web of destruction. Which allows you to discover your own inner truth and wisdom. This is a very special coaching process that acknowledges that inner being as your soul and higher self, know the answer.

    Together we will move into a space of love, forgiveness and understanding with our one on one healing conversation. Our intuitive and heartfelt converstation will bring clarity to your unresolved issue.

    More Testimonials

    The spring of 2022 marked seven decades of my being on this planet. The second half of this last decade has presented some sizeable challenges. Two surgeries and a high speed auto accident took their toll on my physical body, as well as, the mental, emotional and spiritual.

    I eagerly replaced the post surgical prescriptions with more natural remedies. Regular chiropractic visits replaced allopathic methods. As an energy worker myself, I sought out various practitioners all specializing in their chosen modalities as the need arose. I struggled with reoccurring symptoms after believing that a method had indeed “worked”. I welcomed a brief period of relief and then struggled with both my frustration and that of the practitioners over the “relapses”. After years of being in this healing process, I knew that there are multiple layers of blockages to clear and, perhaps, what I called a relapse could actually be a new issue and I was indeed making more progress than I thought. Nevertheless, I longed for symptoms relief and a clearer path ahead.

    Last winter, I stopped all my supplements in an effort to eliminate chemicals from my body and completed a heavy metal detox followed by what was diagnosed as digestion issues. It was a painful and limiting situation causing me to literally fear eating because of how painful the digestion would be. That was when Nicole entered my life. She patiently listened to my “story” when she returned my call within 24 hours on a weekend. Our first session was the next day! I was given “homework” which I did. Within 3 days, my symptoms had lessened in frequency and intensity. Within a week my fear of eating was gone and I could relax. By two weeks and after a shorter follow-up session, I felt free to eat and slowly increase the foods I consume with total confidence. My pain that caused me to curl up in a ball in bed for much of each day was/is gone!!!!! Now, I have started concentrating on the next blockage with the confidence that these can and do heal AND in rapid time! I also know that I have a healer/coach who has my back!!!! Her guides are awesome and extremely accurate, as is Nicole! She has experienced / is experiencing her own healing and has been in the client’s shoes herself! I couldn’t ask for more! Her laughter is healing in and of itself! I hear myself laughing with her and it sounds heavenly! Margaret R.

    "Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to Nicole and her guides. I feel very fortunate they came into my life at a time when I needed so much extra support. Nicole and her guides helped me to overcome insomnia, regulate my newborn's sleeping patterns, guided me in my search for a new job, brought relief to my chronic pain, cleared my postpartum depression, created more harmony in my relationship with my spouse, and advised me about several doubts I had as a new mother. I honestly don't know where I would be without her help. I feel more joyful, happy, have a greater understanding of myself and am learning to let go of things that are not so important. I feel like I am truly being guided and have new tools to help me with life's challenges. Thank you Nicole! You are a blessing!" Martha B.

    Annie, in NY, described working with Nicole as a "Meditation Massage" because it was so relaxing.

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