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Our Mission

To teach the orginal way of being by helpling you raise your consciousness & open your heart through personal discovery, the power of forgiveness, and the art of letting go.

We are as good as our training. In today's modern world we've lost what is sacred. If you are here your soul is guiding, you to remember how loved and beautiful you truly are. We believe God is allowing us to figure out where we have more healing to do...not judging us. No matter how many times it takes.

Beautiful Souls Mission Is a a Spiritual Center for Creativity, World Peace and Wholeness. We are a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit, tax exempt, Faith Based Organization. We honor the way of Oneness with all that is. Sometimes know as the Tao. You are equally as important as the people you are helping. The entire universe is your teacher. Learning how to know thyself is the greatest gift you could receive. It brings you into harmony with the natural order

We stand in the truth of love, compassion and understanding. We see the truth in who you are... we see the divinity within you.

We empower people to reconnect to the essence of who they are by helping them uncover deep hidden blocks that are stuck in their emotional body and psyche. Most people are not even aware of the inner wounds they are carrying.

You are not your mistakes. You are not the lower energy that you are carrying. You are divine. You are love. You are pure goodness waiting to be expressed and explored.

Retreats | Healing | Transformation

We believe each person has there own unique connection to the Divine Creator.

We are a spirit-led community. You may be wondering what exactly that is... Spirit knows who needs help and we are here listening for the call. When spirit says to go to a place at a certain time we go. When spirit says to reach out to a certain person, we reach out. Most of the time there is a unique opportunity to help a person in need. It could be as simple as a phone call but that phone call could be the difference between life and death.

Pure Love. Goodness. Justice-Fairness. Beauty-Grace. Wholeness. Self Empowerment. Love of Self and Love of Others. Power in line with the movement of higher consciousness. Abundance. Prosperity. Self-Discovery.

The spiritual journey is filled with levels, tests and obstacles... The only way out it is through our heart so be mindful as to how gracefully you move up the ladder.

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Thank you for discovering us.
May our journey together be transforming, healing and magical.

What we do?

We radiate light

Soul Coach

Focused on empowerment and personal discovery.

Soul Transformation

Involves release many deep emotional and karmic blocks.


Using our gifts to help deliver messages from your loved ones.


Opening up a clear space to allow the perfect unfolding.


It's all about the expereince... it's where the magic takes place.

Inspirational Speaker

Nicole share's her most person journey to help guide others.

Aha Moments
It's crazy here
Our Specialty

Our Skills

"Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." Confucius 450 B.C

A lot of what I am going to teach you are the tools and wisdom I've learned from my own healing and guidance from source.

Speaking our truth


Clearing deep rooted blocks


Coaching you through the hard stuff




Non-judgemental | Neutrality


Love. Honor. Respect.


Are you ready to learn?

Let's face it we've all been hurt at some point in our lives. However what many people don't know is that unless we have truly forgiven that person and ourselves we are still carrying an energetic imprint in our energy field that needs love and attention. This process doesn't have to be hard but it may involve some tears which waters seeds of the soul.

Click here to learn more about Nicole or invite her to speak at your event or give a retreat with your group of friends, community.

  • Learn how to release limited beliefs
  • Learn how to release trapped emotions
  • Identify your patterns and family patterns
  • Understanding how you are triggered and what to do about it
  • Tap into your inner child
  • Understanding Karma
  • Dive deep into forgiving yourself and the other person
  • And much more

Our intention is to build a life of pure love and nurturing. A life of gratitude that will pay it forward for generations to come. A beautiful momentum of pure unconditional love, abundance, fulfillment, prosperity, joy, passion, compassion, understanding, unity, wholeness, self-worth, self-respect, self-empowerment. Oneness. I am you and you are me.

30 Minute Coaching Session Min

  • Done Remotely or In Person
  • Please be in a space where you will not be interrupted.

60 Minute Coaching Session

  • Done Remotely or In Person
  • Please be in a space where you will not be interrupted.

30 Minute Healing

  • Soul to Soul Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Done Remotely or In Person
  • Please be in a space where you will not be interrupted.

60 Minute Healing

    Soul to Soul Meditaion
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Coaching Session
  • Done remotely per video chat, phone or In Person. Additional travel fees if done in person

60 Minute Healing & Reading

  • Soul to Soul Meditaion
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Reading
  • Done remotely per video chat or phone. Additional travel fees if done in person

If are session is done remotely or in person and you do not answer or show up for our session you will not be refunded.

A good soul coach has spiritual integrity, healthy morals, healthy core values and ethics.

A Soul Coach takes you into the depths of your soul to discover the truth about yourself and your life. A Soul Coach helps you clear away the entangled web of destruction. Which allows you to discover your own inner truth and wisdom. This is a very special coaching process that acknowledges that inner being as your soul and higher self, know the answer.

Together we will move into a space of love, forgiveness and understanding with our one on one healing conversation. Our intuitive and heartfelt converstation will bring clarity to your unresolved issue.

Discover the Soul

  • A Soul Coach will teach you self realization tools
  • Help you identify subtle energies that may be keeping you stuck
  • Assist you in getting to the root cause of the problem
  • A Soul Coach will teach you how to self empowerment
  • Learn techniques on how to embrace your inner child
  • Will teach you the importance of forgiveness on all levels

Soul Transformation

Spirit knows what you need most. My job is to help you navigate your way through the cobs webs of self destruction. Most sessions are done remotely through email, phone and video chat. 30-60 minute session. Can include:

  • Intuitive Coaching Session
  • Soul to Soul Meditation
  • Self-Purification
  • Self-Observation
  • Self-Empowement
  • Self-realizations
  • Soul to Soul Meditation
  • Multidimensional Healing
  • Feeling lighter and calmer in their body
  • Removal of emotional blocks
  • Clarity of direction
  • Communication with loved ones
  • Reduce or eliminate pain or disease
  • Deep clarity and focus
  • Release negative elementals & negative thought forms
  • Soul Co-Creating
  • Removal of karmic blocks
  • Balance Chakras
  • More energy
  • Releasement of fear
  • Removal of negative attachments and cords
  • Opening up to more of their gifts
  • Freedom from addictions, fears and phobias
  • Upgrades of divine DNA blueprint
  • And much more

Are you a healer, medium, or holistic practioner who would like to fine tune your self master? This course might be for you.

I am not here to tell you what you "should" do. I am here to tell you what I did and how it transformed my life. I am here to teach you the tools that I used which brought extreme peace to my mind, body, and soul.

Personal development is a lifelong process. If you are looking for a magic pill or a quick fix this isn't it. This course is about deepth and true self discovery which will unfold into a major transfomation if you commit to the process and apply the tools on a daily basis. I can't say this enough. Investing in your own well-being is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the people you love.

I designed this course to be easy to understand, hands on and effective.

I believe we have lost what is sacred especially here in the USA. This course is designed to help you reengage with yourself on a intimate level. What you put into this class is what you will get out of it.

You will learn how to empower yourself and reconnect with the essence of who you truly are.

The key to true freedom is to know thyself. Not only will you raise your vibration but will learn a deeper level of humility by learning how to truly forgive from the heart.

Dive deeper into your spirituality and transform your emotional and mental bodies.

Learning to love yourself is probably one of the most important gifts you can give yourself and the people you love. When you know how to love yourself you will know how to help everyone else.

Early Bird - $550 After November 11th $747. Email Nicole for more details details.

  • Learn how to heal the emotional & mental body through
  • Self Empowerment
  • Self Purification
  • Self Observation
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Growth
  • Self Realization
  • Self Accountability
  • Self Reflection
  • Self Developement
  • Learn how to release trapped emotions
  • Detanglement
  • Identifying Your/Family Patterns
  • Identifying the energy behind what you do and why you are doing it
  • Tools on Forgiveness
  • Meditation Techniques
  • 30 Minute Personal Session with Nicole
  • Certification of Complition
  • and much, much, more...

Group Meditations

In Person Healing Group Meditations October 14-18, 2019 11:00am - 11:30am and 12:00pm - 12:30pm. Limited Spacing Avaiable. Please RSVP in advance. Feel free to bring your yoga mat. Donations Appreciated.

Beautiful Souls Mission is a Spiritual Center for Creativity, World Peace and Wholeness. We are a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit, tax exempt, Faith Based Organization. Which means your retreat could be a tax write off.

She helped me experience compassion...

Nicole contacted me because I placed an ad on a spiritual living group searching for spiritual counseling. I had been feeling resentful, bitter and jealous of other people´s lives for a long time. I had lost motivation and purpose to grow and was basically running on autopilot. There was a deep frustration inside myself and every endeavor I started just didn´t bring good results, I felt it was difficult to connect to people and feel them, so I isolated myself more and more till the point of not coming out of bed for a long time.

I was searching for someone who could help me to figure out what was wrong, to reconnect to my passion and find a purpose to participate in life again and find joy in the things I was doing.

First I was skeptical to work over Skype because I thought it was very un-personal. But finally I gave it a try and Nicole´s open and warm-hearted and understanding personality made me feel comfortable immediately. I noticed that Nicole is truly devoted to what she does and is very generous with her help and guidance.

It was easy to open up because she does not judge. She helps you to embrace and heal parts of you that you are usually too embarrassed to talk about because they are considered “bad”.

She helped me to let go of an issue that I was stuck with and that caused me a lot of confusion, explaining why it was energetically better to let go.

She is an awesome listener, which is a very precious quality and she does not force her opinion on you, she does not judge and is very empathetic, very soft and that really helps to open up.

She guides you without imposing anything, she helps you to finds the answers inside. I felt “seen” and respected, which helped me to see and respect myself more.

Sincerely, Dominika - Barcelona, Spain

Though my journey with Nicole continues, I wanted to share my experience til now. I’ve been working with her off and on to heal myself and overcome pains of the past. In this time Nicole has been grounding, nurturing, patient and compassionate. She allows me to go on my own but is there with love, comfort, guidance and healing when I feel I need it. Nicole has pushed me to be more compassionate and release the patterns and beliefs that do not serve me or my family. Her wisdom and shared experience has reflected difficult truths for me to overcome. The process though difficult is helping me yield so much depth, understanding and healing. Nicole gifts me so many things from self love, acceptance, and a more peaceful, loving and happy life. I’m ever so grateful to have crossed paths with her and for being able to cultivate my growth with her gifts. - Shifali E. San Fransisco, California

Ya know I used to be jealous of those people who just shined, like you could feel their shiny presence when you were around them and then I realized I'm now one of them. It's so awesome to be healed! And shiny and positive.

I've had multiple people comment on how happy I look and been told I'm the kinda girl who's ready for a relationship and these people continue to say I'll find a good man and are on the look out for me. But I LOVE being healed and people noticing and being a presence they want to be around. This feeling is so awesome, inside and out I feel amazing! And I thank you for that. You are so talented and awesome. Oh and that job I wanted is in the works. - Jen J. - Milwaukee, WI

The universe brought Nicole into my life...

Over the past ten years I have worked with several awesome energy healers, but none of those experiences can compare to what I experienced during my two sessions with Nicole. It is almost difficult to put into words how intense the clearing and healing energy I felt after each session. The issues that we worked on were deeply rooted patterns and trauma that have been plaguing me my whole life and in previous lifetimes. For this first time on my healing path I finally feel as if those patterns are becoming undone and I am free from the negative force they have had my life. The level to which Nicole is able to connect with her clients is simply magical. There is no doubt that the universe brought Nicole into my life in divine and perfect timing. If you are ready to take your healing and self development to the next level, then you have come to the right place. If you were brought to this page and are feeling drawn to working with Nicole I urge you to listen to that divine guidance because your life is about to change once you decide to work with her. I am so grateful for the energy exchanges I get to have with Nicole and look forward to seeing where this healing journey will continue to take me. - Ashely O. - Buffalo, New York Looking forward to more sessions with her.

I had the most amazing healing from Nicole.

The emotional healing was mind blowing and indeed felt the relief of these emotions leaving my body. The whole visit indeed was priceless and empowering. I highly recommend Nicole for these amazing experiences. Looking forward to more sessions with her. Just loved it! - Elage T. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I was living the "American Dream"...

My husband and I were struggling with our 17 year old daughter who was out of control at the time. I was at my breaking point and really didn't know how to help her. I contacted Nicole who started meeting with our daughter and has now developed an extremely supportive relationship with her. We discovered there was a lot of negative energy in our home. Nicole came to our home and removed the energy and blessed our home. We met with her several times to talk about the energies we give off as individuals and as a family. We discussed other ways to channel our energy. I learned a lot about myself in this process. I was holding onto many things from my past that I had not let go of and this was transferring to our daughter and my marriage. I came from a very emotionally and extremely physically abusive relationship and I was never able to just "get over it." I was also disowned from my mother for seven years as a teenager and young adult. If you looked at me from the outside, I was very successful in my social work career. I was living the "American Dream" yet had to have constant control in every aspect of my life. My way of dealing with the past was to bottle it up inside and try not to let it explode. Nicole was able to put this into perspective for me in ways I never could have imagined. She taught me how to let go and take control of my negative thoughts. She taught me how to really love myself, my husband, and my daughter. My daughter and I are in the beginning stages of healing our relationship, but Nicole gave us tools to use to assist us in this process. I am so grateful for her knowledge and expertise. We would still be in the same path if it wasn't for Nicole coming into our lives a few short months ago. I will thank her for the rest of our lives. - Teri T. Madison, Wisconsin

Trust Your Guidance

Nicole is a Spiritual Teacher and Facilitator who believes that by reconnecting with our Source energy, we can truly see ourselves, as well as a reflection of ourselves in others, and heal the limiting beliefs that are preventing us from living the life we’re meant to live. She educates people and gives them the tools to help navigate through a world filled with so much chaos.

Nicole’s life experiences led her to this work. She realized that if she was going to be a spiritual teacher and healer, the first person she needed to be honest with was herself. She began connecting with her Higher Self and, each time she followed the guidance she received, synchronicity followed. Trusting the guidance always led her to the next step.

Darkness Gives Way to Light

She went through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” purging trapped emotions from this life, and previous lives, and she realized she had passed these on to her son and grandchildren. From this, she learned how to identify other people’s patterns, and heal them.

People Resist Healing

Resistance is normal, Nicole says. Most of us don’t like looking inward because it makes us feel vulnerable. We’ve been trained to swallow our tears, instead of asking, “Why does this bother me?” When you ask your Higher Self the question, you’ll get the answers. We have just forgotten how to ask.

Limiting Beliefs May Not Be Yours

Once you’ve identified the emotion, then ask, “Who does this belong to?” Whatever the answer, do YOU really believe this limiting belief? Knowing it’s not yours will help you release it.

See Others in Light

Nicole says we tend to see people in their flaws, holding them in that energy. She sees her clients in a state of wellness, holding them in the vibration of where they want to be, which gets them there much more quickly.

Water Your Soul

Clients sit with their trapped emotions. Nicole asks them to think of the very first time they felt that way in this lifetime, and when the memory comes, usually, so do the tears. Nicole says, “crying waters the seeds of the soul,” and helps us to heal from the inside out.

“Quantum Healing in Parallel Universes”

Taking it even further, Nicole helps her clients identify their patterns by looking backwards. She calls in the trapped emotions lodged within a specific pattern. Because her energy is high, she is able to override the opposite emotion of the trapped emotion AND the root event simultaneously, as well as any limiting belief that is tied to it. When this is done, the trigger disappears.

The Three Roles

In every event, there is a Victim, a Victimizer, and an Observer. All three must be healed to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. Each role carries the same trapped emotion. Nicole points out that the victimizer doesn’t have to be present for that role to be healed.

Nicole Heard A Message

Nicole received the push to follow the spiritual path three times throughout her life, but the first two weren’t meant to be. The third push occurred just a few years ago, and the message was clear: “Do it NOW!” She became a certified Life Coach, an Emotion Code Practitioner, certified in Tibetan Reiki I & II, and is an Ordained Minister. She says that once she focused on honoring and loving herself, there was no stopping her.

The Most Important Relationships

Nicole talks about healing the relationships closest to her, mainly her son and his father. She healed her anger toward her son’s father, and that helped him and their son to heal. She now sees him instead of his mistakes. She healed a past-life relationship with her own father, and that spread to the entire family. Nicole stresses that healing yourself first is vital. When you’ve healed, you see people for who they truly are, and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, with no judgment.

Nicole’s Biggest Teacher

Her biggest teacher has been her son. He was doing everything "wrong", and when she decided to see the best in him instead of his mistakes, it allowed her to remove judgement and just support him. Highlighting mistakes is how we got to where we are in this world, and it does the exact opposite of rebuilding people.

Everyone is a Reflection of You

Nicole says if you yell at someone, you are really yelling at yourself, something in you that you need to heal. If someone is yelling at you, and you send them love, that’s what you’ll get back. Even animals are mirrors. She killed a centipede once, only to see a larger one later. She sent it love, and hasn’t seen one since. What we fear, we are bound to. And when we’re out of balance inside, it is reflected in our world outside.


If you rise in consciousness, but don’t clear trapped emotions, the fall is that much harder. Nicole calls this, “Wobbling.” She says thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic, and when they are not in balance, you wobble. In this state, things you want will not be able to get in and will “bounce off you.” She helps get to the root, getting you out of the matrix and allowing the things you want into your life.

Writen by Lisa Meisels. Featured on Empowered Living Show.

Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace | November 29, 2017

North Americans have adopted meditation and mindfulness because it can improve work performance, personal relationships, and health. In an average 9-to-5 work day, just 5 minutes of deep breathing, reflection, and tension release can work to decrease stress levels and increase overall productivity.

The implementation of a daily practice has helped many working adults, says Yunha Kim, Founder and CEO of Simple Habit. After discovering the benefits of mindfulness, Kim created an app for working people to listen to on-the-go 5-minute meditations. Even just one week of brief daily mindfulness meditation practice has been found to produce significant benefits.

She openly shared her benefits and recommendations with me via e-mail:

Improved Focus. Get Distracted Less.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation has been shown repeatedly to improve our ability to sustain attention and decrease external and internal distractions. Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that a meditation program led to changes in brain regions involving learning and working memory capacity.

This is important as working memory is crucial for reasoning and guiding our decisions and behavior, especially in the work-place. In fact, those who worked in high-stress work environments and practiced meditation could stay on a task longer, managed their time better, and received positive feedback after a task performance.

Improved Creativity. Think Outside the Box.

Mindfulness meditation practice can lead to improvements in problem-solving creative solutions as well as promote divergent thinking. Research done at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has found a link between mindfulness and creativity including increased insight problem-solving and reduced cognitive rigidity. The more a person continues to practice mindfulness meditation regularly, the more open they are to bold and creative ideas.

Improve Your Mood.

The consistent practice of mindfulness meditation can also have a notable beneficial impact on our overall mood, including reducing severe depression and anxiety. A study from Boston University has shown that mindfulness and meditation-based programs lead to significant reductions in clinical levels of anxiety and depression across a range of conditions and an increase in patience and positivity. A daily practice can help to carry this optimism into the workplace and boost satisfaction.

Meditation = Stress Less.

Stress has been linked to a wide range of medical problems, including hypertension, heart disease, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. A study done at Stanford University School of Medicine shows that those who practice mindfulness meditation display a reduction in stress-related symptoms, and report increases in their sense of control in their lives. For instance, mindfulness meditation can produce a 30% reduction in symptoms of stress among those with a serious illness.

Strengthen Your Personal and Professional Relationships.

Learning to be more mindful has a positive impact on yourself and those around you. Increased mindfulness leads to significant improvements in work relationships and friendships, due to communication and expression of emotions. After becoming more emotionally intelligent through meditation, relationships become easier and natural. In fact, people who meditate tend to show more acceptance towards each other and can create more welcoming and holistic work environments.

Article found here

It's our pleasure to help you.

Nurture Your Soul

Nurture Your Soul Retreats

There is nothing more heartbreaking than being on your death bed knowing you lived an unfulfilled life.

Is there something lacking in your life? Are you carrying scarcity blocks?

Let’s check, shall we? The universe is nudging you to explore something… the first thought that pops in your head is wouldn’t it be nice followed by can you afford it? He/She would never love me. I am not good enough etc… Where did those thoughts come from?

When most people think of scarcity or lack they think of money… however, I am going to ask you a few questions to show you how deep your scarcity blocks run.

  • Can you afford to stay in the relationship YOU know isn’t serving your highest good?
  • Can you afford to stay at the job that is sucking the life force energy out of your soul?
  • Can you afford to do the things they way your mother or father did when deep down you know it isn’t aligning with your truth?
  • Can you afford to keep lying to yourself about what you are doing and why you are doing it?
  • Can you afford to keep experiencing the same self-sabotaging patterns over and over again?
  • Can you afford to keep living a life without unconditional love?

If the answer to any of those question is NO then this experience to nurture your soul may be for you.

You are here to grow and I am here to teach you how to grow gracefully in a way that empowers your soul and aligns you with your spirit.

That does not mean it will be easy but it does mean you will walk away with the tools to use in everyday life that will allow you to create a foundation that is solid and stable.

What I am going to teach you are the tools I used to heal me emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

  • Release deep rooted emotional blocks
  • Identify and release limited belief patterns
  • Detangle yourself from family patterns
  • Learn how to truly forgive yourself and the other person
  • Reconnect with the essence of who you are
  • Move forward honorably understanding your true self
  • Release attachments
  • Release addictions
  • Empower your uniqueness
  • Learn how to balance your chakras
  • Daily Mindful Meditations
  • Massages
  • Breath Work
  • Create new friendships
  • Receive Spiritual Readings
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Monthly zoom group sessions
  • And much more

Beautiful Souls Mission is a Spiritual Center for Creativity, World Peace and Wholeness. We are a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit, tax exempt, Faith Based Organization. Which means your retreat could be a tax write off.

Embrace Your Essence | Limited Spots

Would you like to experience less stress, frustration, anxiety, etc. in your life? My name is Nicole, I empower people to the original way of being and how to reconnect with the essence of who they truly are.

My spiritual awakening led me to new ways on how to heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. With every layer I peeled back a new and improved version of me appeared. I was no longer reacting to the world the way I use to. I became calmer and way less reactionary to life's little missteps.

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to when we are in crisis mode. Having the right person to vent to for 10-15 minutes could change the duration of your day. That is why I am opening up my schedule to 15 lucky participants.

It took me years of dedication and learning to develop this course of action. I am honored to be in a position to be able to teach it to others. You will learn tools that you can take with you every day or your life.

Each month I take 3 choosen clients that are moving through deep tranformation on. We have two one on one sessions through out the month and keep in contact as questions come up and releasing needs to happen. It's very organic. When you feel the need to chat or for a healing you reach out. These sessions will be done remotely either by phone or email.

Speaking to the right person at the right time about a specific situation could mean the difference between saving a marriage or handling a work crisis situation appropriately. I will teach you new tools on how to release deep-rooted trapped emotions, true forgiveness and the art of letting go.

My intention is not to have you latch onto me… in fact, it is the complete opposite. My intention is to empower you with the skills that are already inside you and bring them to light.

Our sessions are completely confidential and non-judgemental. It is my honor to help you take your life to the next level. If this sounds like something you are interested in at this time then I invite you to reach out to me to see if you qualify for this unique opportunity.

Nicole Lynnay - Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Knowledge and Wisdom Speaker


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