Embrace your uniqueness and individuality

Nicole teaches people how to become the designer of their life by teaching them tools and techniques she's learned along her journey. She understands life can be messy! She's taken quiet a few wrong turns in her life. Through her awakening it became very clear as to the importance of correcting her mistakes. Nicole navigated her way through the many levels and obstacles on her path; where she discovered the lessons and hidden gifts that transformed into many the many blessings of self realization.

Anyone can judge someone, true strength is learning to understand without judging.

Nicole uses her gifts and talents to assist people in letting go in a way that is loving, honorable and graceful. By teaching people how to use the tools of deep inner forgiveness, which transcends their suffering and raises there consciousness so they may turn lead into gold.

Together we will dive deep into your inner alchemy to bring lasting transformation. Learn how to use your discernment powered by grace and wisdom to bring clarity and guidance to your daily life.

Through self discovery and self accountability you will learn how to transform your darkness into light. Learn how to detangle yourself from the unwanted web that is keeping your stuck in outdated patterns and destructive thoughts.

The best gift you could give yourself and the people you care for is the gift of knowing thyself. It is then that you will be over flowing with an abundance.

Darkness Gives Way to Light

She went through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” purging trapped emotions from this life, and previous lives, and she realized she had passed these on to her son and grandchildren. From this, she learned how to identify other people’s patterns, and heal them.

People Resist Healing

Resistance is normal, Nicole says. Most of us don’t like looking inward because it makes us feel vulnerable. We’ve been trained to swallow our tears, instead of asking, “Why does this bother me?” When you ask your Higher Self the question, you’ll get the answers. We have just forgotten how to ask.


"Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." Confucius 450 B.C

How May I Be of Service to You?

Nicole facilitates experiences for individuals, small and large groups. She uses gifts and talents to guide people gracefully through the muddy waters and into clarity.

Spiritual Medium

Nicole uses her clairaudiant abilities to deliver messages from the divine which brings great clarity and understanding to what needs to be healed and the next steps that may need to take.

Honesty Hour with Nicole

Nicole uses her knowledge, wisdom and connection to spirit to bring different perspectives to hard conversations. It doesn't matter how strange or controversial we will do our best ot come full circle.

Podcast coming soon.

Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Watch Nicole and Dan Hohlfeld talk about Spirituality, Karma, Power of Forgiveness, and Reincarnation

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Soul to Soul Meditations

The soul knows what you need anything from clearing upcoming obstacles to stuck energy that is trapped emotionally, mentally, pshycially, or sprirtually. Allow the light from the soul to activate different levels of your divine presence.

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Group Outdoor Soul to Soul Meditations

Are you looking for new ways to release your frustrations? Join us Tuesday 12pm and Wednesday 12pm and 6pm for Group Soul to Soul Meditations. Location on Madison's Northside

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Spiritual Leadership Training

Teaching the orginal way of being by helpling people raise their consciousness & open their heart through personal discovery, the power of forgiveness, and the art of letting go.

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You're a Good Mom

Those are the words I was told by the people around me every time my son veered off course to venture out on another dark path of self-destruction.

Thankfully, we got to heal together before she transitioned

One of the greatest gifts my mom ever gave me was eleven more weeks to get to know her on a soul level before she made her transition to the other side.

Finding the Gift in the Pain

Financially nothing had been working out for me. I knew there was a deep karmic block that needed to be healed but I wasn’t sure how to heal it. I approached it from many different angles but nothing worked.

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